Prowinch UL 508A Certified Control Panels

Prowinch is a UL 508A / File No. E524056 Certified Industrial Control Panel (ICPs) manufacturer for the United States and Canada.

Our in-house electrical engineers and designers specialize in all types of cranes, winches, and hoist controllers. Prowinch offers complete turnkey solutions and products with multiple options to meet applicable UL safety requirements. All Prowinch UL508A control panels are assembled and tested by Prowinch in our certified facility in Miami, USA, staffed with some of the best in the industry!

What is UL 508A?

UL 508A is the technical standard all industrial controls and control panels must meet to provide the safest equipment possible. These standards provide guidance for the selection of components, wiring methods as well as other electrical standards. The UL508A industry standards include industrial controls/panels operating at 1,000V or less. Additionally, products that carry the UL 508A certification apply to general or “ordinary” locations classified under the National Electric Code and areas with ambient temperatures below 40°C (104°F).

What you need to know about Prowinch and UL 508A

We take pride in meeting every single requirement to achieve the UL508A certification. Every industrial control or control panel manufactured by our team meets those requirements and your individual requirements as a customer. Nothing less! The benefit to you is knowing that you have equipment that meets all industry certifications, giving you and your team Peace of Mind moving forward. Compliance and your safety are equally important to us here at Prowinch.

What are Industrial Control Panels?

An industrial control panel is critical in controlling any industrial equipment or other types of machinery. The industrial control panel is an assembly of various components, including overload relays, motor controllers, variable frequency drivers (VFDs), circuit breakers, and fused disconnect switches. Other essential control devices include pushbutton stations, timers, switches, terminal blocks, and pilot lights. In other words, our industrial control panels allow you to operate your equipment much more efficiently. According to the official definition by the National Electrical Code (NEC), an industrial control panel is an assembly of two or more power circuit components, control circuit components, or a combination of power and control circuits.

How does UL 508A benefit my business needs?

When you purchase any industrial control panel, you'll want to know that it meets and even exceeds industrial and safety standards. Having the UL 508A certification indicates that Prowinch industrial controls and control panels meet the latest safety requirements set by regulators, relevant third-party authorities, and local government codes.

What's more, UL508A certifications on all Prowinch industrial panels provide you additional Peace of Mind in knowing our manufacturing facilities provide durable and safe industrial equipment for all your needs.

If your business specifically requires industrial controls/panels with UL 508A certifications, it's time to contact Prowinch! Our UL 508A control panels are designed to meet all your requirements.