Electric Installation and Wire Gauge Selection

Choose the Correct Wire Gauge

Use the wire gauge calculator provided to the right of this page to determine the proper cable size for the installation of your equipment. Using improper gauge wires will cause internal damage and void any warranty.

Wire Gauge Calculator

If you have connected more than one unit to the same power line, consider the total power consumption for all units for this line.

Circuit Breaker recommendation: Must be MPCB Type (Motor Protection Circuit Breaker) and at least 25% higher than the rated consumption amps.
The information in these charts is for reference only and is not intended to provide complete requirements or qualifications for selecting the proper cable size for various conductor lengths. The National Electric Code (NEC) requirements and applicable local codes must always be followed when determining proper wire sizes. Use this information for your reference only.
Use of wire sizes smaller than the required above will void the warranty.

Proper gear lubrication

Always lubricate your equipment before any use.

Do not operate a unit without recommended lubrication.

As a safety measure, and depending on the lubrication type, some gearboxes are shipped without lubrication.

Do not mix lubricant types or brands.

Using the wrong type of lubricant will cause failure. Please review the manual and safety bulletin for further information.

Maintenance and lubrication

Regular maintenance, including the lubrication of chains, is required. This also includes the cleaning and inspection for wear and tear. Debris, rust, and misalignment can cause internal damage and shorten your unit's lifespan.

Check proper chain alignment

Regularly inspect for twisted, kinked, or “capsized” load chains, including during installation.

chain-alignment-wrong chain-alignment-fix chain-alignment-right

Hook Block can become dislodged during shipping or installation for units with more than one chain fall. This can cause twisting of chain links, where the chain links will not follow a straight pattern. To resolve this issue, flip the Hook Block in the opposite direction until you get a linear pattern and proper alignment of the chain links. Not following these instructions will cause malfunction of the limit switches and internal damage, voiding the warranty.

Pendant control strain relief

Properly attach the provided strain relief cable. Installing the strain relief cable will protect the main pendant cable from unnecessary strain, pulling, tugging, or the cable sheathing itself.