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Prowinch was founded in 1995 and since then, has dominated the industry when it comes to industrial cranes, winches and hoists. The company has its roots in developing and manufacturing winches and other products for automotive and off-road applications. Over the years, the need to develop other solutions for a wide range of industries has taken priority because of market demand and as a result of the reputation for reliability.

Known worldwide for our quality products and meticulous designs, Prowinch has led the way for years in providing solutions to a whole host of industries with the highest quality products on the market today. No matter the size of your project or need, Prowinch has a solution. Our goal is to exceed your expectations every day with our products and service.

Our high-quality commercial products meet every standard

Being a global provider of winches, hoists and cranes as well as other lifting solutions, Prowinch is well aware of the need to meet every standard possible. Nothing leaves the Prowinch facilities without exceeding every possible standard. Prowinch is an ISO 9001 certified operation. We are also a UL 508A / File No. E524056 Certified Industrial Control Panel (ICPs) manufacturer. But it doesn’t stop there. Because there is a global demand for our products and solutions, our team understands the wide range of standards required for our products around the world.

What's more, our engineering team takes every product and custom solution through demanding testing of our own to ensure the reliability and durability of everything that leaves our facility. When you implement a Prowinch solution, you know it's ready for the job required.

Lifting solutions for every industry

Prowinch products and solutions have been trusted by a wide range of industries for decades.

Many organizations around the world come to Prowinch because of the reliable products and solutions we offer and the reputation we have garnered for solving challenges within a particular industry. Organizations in both manufacturing and distribution in the United States and beyond come to us for high-quality products and solutions. But it doesn't stop there.

Other industries that rely on us to solve challenges include mining, forestry, automotive, aviation, food distribution, construction, warehouse and storage and several others. If we don't have the product on the shelf to solve your challenge, we'll design and create one with your input.

Custom designed lifting solutions

Prowinch is well known within the industry for creating customized solutions for a wide range of commercial needs. There are times when standard products do not quite meet the demands and challenges of a particular industry. That's where our team of designers, mechanical and electrical engineers get to work. Our team conducts a complete analysis of your challenges, and we get right to work designing a thoughtful solution.

Custom products and solutions go through the same rigorous testing and standards that every other solution we develop goes through. Whether it's a single winch, hoist or crane or a more complex synchronized solution for your organization, our entire team is behind a well thought out design and ultimately an effective working solution that meets many standards.

The Prowinch customer experience sets us apart

What makes us different?

When you work with Prowinch and implement our products and solutions, you get the full support of our company behind you. Our promise to you is there will always be someone here to offer support and customer service when you need it. If you just have a simple question or a more urgent need, all you need to do is pick up the phone and someone will be here to speak with you and solve your challenge. Why does this make us different? Not all companies in this industry offer live phone support. We do, and it's just that simple. If you need us, we are here! Our team can also offer support in many languages which gives us a huge advantage if your company is operating in the global economy.