5 Tons Scrapper Winch Explosion Proof Manual Actuator
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Key features

  • 3 Year Warranty, Service and Parts Available in Stock in USA and Latin America
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Prowinch Scraper 5 Ton Winch

Our Scraper Winches are designed to get the best price, quality and performance ratio, backed by a 3-year warranty. The key components of the equipment are constantly tested and improved through our internal design processes, based on continuous improvement, under ISO9001: 2015 certification.

Performance and Quality

Suitable for use in transporting crushed material resulting from mining, in underground locations, in horizontal areas or on inclined planes with up to 45ยบ slope.


Assembled with the best components on the market that guarantee optimal equipment operation. Two-drum electrical equipment, powered by an advanced technology control board.

Technical Specifications

  • Protection IEC 60529 IP55
  • Warranty 3 Year

Weight & Dimensions

  • Total Weight 6171.2 lbs / 2800 Kg

Packaging Details

  • NW1 Net Weight 6171.2 lbs / 2800 Kg
  • GW1 Gross Weight 5289.6 lbs / 2400 Kg
  • PH1 Packaging Height 34.25 in / 87 cm
  • PW1 Packaging Width 82.68 in / 210 cm
  • PD1 Packaging Depth 39.76 in / 101 cm