Prowinch is a UL 508A / File No. E524056 Certified Industrial Control Panel (ICPs) manufacturer for United States and Canada with in-house electrical engineers and designers specialized in most types of Cranes, Winches and Hoists controllers offering Complete turnkey solutions and products with multiple optionals to meet applicable UL safety requirements. All our UL508A Control Panels are assembled and tested by Prowinch in our Certified Facility in Miami, USA.

5 ton Electric Chain Hoist w/ Power Trolley 1 Speed 380V +-10% 3ø 50HZ

SKU: PWRXT5-H4-1S-380
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Key features

  • Heavy Duty H4/M5 US and EC Standards ASME HST-1 , ASME B30.16 , EN14492-2 , EN60204-32
  • Patented Overload Motor Slip Protection with Heavy Duty Electromagnetic Disk Brake
  • German Brand Schneider UL Listed Contactors, Dual System Limit Switches, Emergency Stop
  • Super Heavy Duty G100 Nickel Chain, 25% Stronger than G80. Standard ASTM A973
5 ton Electric Chain Hoist w/ Power Trolley 1 Speed 380V 3ø 50HZ

Our Dedication to Excellence:

At Prowinch, our unwavering commitment to delivering the best price-performance ratio is evident in every Electric Chain Hoist we produce. We subject each unit to meticulous testing and continuously enhance key components, considering factors that influence lifespan. This commitment ensures that we consistently provide a superior product at an optimal price point.

Enhanced Components:

Internally, each component has undergone substantial upgrades to meet the highest quality standards. Key electronic parts are carefully sourced from reputable brands, while locally manufactured lubricants are employed to fortify the durability of gears and reducers. The final assembly and testing processes take place in the US, guaranteeing that every unit surpasses corresponding standards.

Single Speed Efficiency:

Our Single Speed Electric Chain Hoist is designed for straightforward yet efficient lifting operations. Perfect for applications where a consistent lifting speed is paramount, this hoist offers reliability and ease of use.

Duty Classification:

Choosing the right unit is pivotal, and our M5-rated H4 hoists stand out for their excellence in high-volume handling. Tailored for environments like steel warehouses, machine shops, fabricating plants, and mills, these hoists boast a 50% maximum operational time per hour for uniformly distributed work periods. They can efficiently handle up to 300 starts per hour. In scenarios of infrequent work periods, the hoist can operate for 30 minutes from a cold start with up to 300 starts per hour. Operational time ratings adhere to a 65% load factor, following ASME HST-1-2012 guidelines.

Control System:

The Single Speed Electric Chain Hoist comes with a standard pendant control, designed with a length 4 feet less than the lifting height, ensuring easy operation from ground level. For added convenience, an optional wireless control is available.

Advanced Braking System:

Our hoists feature an electromagnetic brake system, rigorously tested at 125% of the hoist capacity. This system is intelligently designed to engage automatically upon any loss of power, ensuring not only enhanced safety but also precise control over the operation of the hoist.

Technical Specifications

  • Rated Load Capacity 5 ton
  • Load Chain weight per foot [lbs] 1.83
  • Capacity Range 6
  • Humidity 20%~90%
  • Voltage 3 Phase 380V 50Hz
  • Temperature -4 ~ 104° F / -20 ~ 40° C
  • Standard Lifting Height 30 ft / 9 m
  • Transmission / Reducer Type Spur gearbox
  • Speed (f/m) / min 10.63 ft @60Hz
    2.70 mt @50Hz
  • Reducer Lubrication Type Oil
  • Number of Speeds 1 Speed
  • Paint Specifications Electrostatic Sprayed Plastic (ESP) Epoxy resins, Polyester Resins, Barium, Pigments
  • Hoist Contactors Amps 25A
  • Standards Compliance ASME HST-1 , ASME B30.16 , B30.17 , EN60204-36
  • Hoist Contactor Brand Schneider
  • Standards Certified CE
  • Hoist Contactor Coil Voltage 24 V
  • Trolley Power 750
  • Duty Class H4/M5/2m/Class D
  • Trolley Number of Speeds 1
  • IEC Hoist IP Protection IP55
  • Trolley Speed /min 43.30 ft @60Hz
    11 mt @50Hz
  • IEC Motor Protection IP55
  • Trolley Motor Brake Type and DC Voltage DC170V
  • Pendant Control Yes No Yes
  • Trolley Motor Insulation Grade F
  • IEC Pendant Control Protection IP66
  • Trolley Contactors Amps 40A
  • Pendant Control Emergency Stop Yes
  • Trolley Contactors Brand Schneider
  • Pendant Control total Length 27 ft
  • Trolley Contactors Brand Schneider
  • Hoist Motor Power in KW 3
  • Trolley Contactors Coil Voltage 24 V
  • Hoist Motor Brake Type and DC Voltage DC170V
  • Trolley Wheel Diameter 139
  • Hoist Motor Insulation Grade F
  • Trolley Wheel Material No. 45 steel
  • Total Power Watts 3750
  • Trolley Minimum Turn Radius 1.8
  • Power Cord Length and Phase Order 3 ft / Red L1, White L2 and Black L3, Green ground
  • Trolley Beam Range 3.9" to 7"
  • Recommended Hoist Protection Circuit Breaker AMPs and Type Type D 20A
  • Trolley Beam Extension Kit up to 12"
  • Optional Load Chain Brand & Country of Origin FEC Japan
  • Overload Protection Overload Motor Clutch
  • Load Chain Type G100 Nikel
  • Hour Meter Internal Working Hour Meter
  • Load Chain Size 11.2 mm
  • Brake SKU PWRX-2-20-PN.60.61
  • Chain Falls 2
  • Brake rectifiers-half-wave PWRX-BKTF-HW
  • Chain Length 60

Unit Weight & Dimensions

  • A Total Height 675
  • J Hook Opening 60
  • W Width 420
  • H Minimum Headroom 810
  • D Depth 695
  • 1st Package Type Wood Crate
  • Total Weight (w/out cable or Chain) 185
  • 2nd Package Type Wood Crate
  • Total Unit Weight 405.9 lbs / 185 Kg

Packaging Weight & Dimensions

  • Package 1 Height 31 in / 78.74 cm
  • Package 2 Height 23 in / 58.42 cm
  • Package 1 Width 20 in / 50.8 cm
  • Package 2 Width 14 in / 35.56 cm
  • Package 1 Length 30 in / 76.2 cm
  • Package 2 Length 11 in / 27.94 cm
  • Package 1 Net Weight 294.8 lbs / 134 Kg
  • Package 2 Net Weight 111.1 lbs / 50 Kg
  • Package 1 Gross Weight 495 lbs / 225 Kg
  • Package 2 Gross Weight 121 lbs / 55 Kg

Spare Parts SKU

  • Hoist Contactor Model LC1D25B7C
  • Trolley Motor Cover PWRXT-1-20-PN.59.60
  • Trolley Contactors Model LC1D12B7C
  • Hooks PWRX-5-HK-5t
  • Hoist Control Transformer SKU PWRX-2-20-TRF-24V
  • Spring chain hook PWRX-3-20-SCH-11.2
  • Load Chain SKU PWCD11G100NK-FT
  • Safety Latch of each hook model size PWRX-5-SLHK-5t
  • Hoist Specs Cover PWRX-2-20-PN.2.63.64
  • Hoist Gasket Set PWRX-2-20-PN.23.50.62
  • Hoist Motor Cover PWRX-2-20-PN.3
  • Trolley Gasket Set PWRXT-1-20-PN.
  • Hoist Motor Fan PWRX-2-20-PN.5
  • Chain Bag PWRX-5-PN.
  • Trolley Front Cover PWRXT-1-20-PN.1.2