30T Hydraulic Winch 22 m/min
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Key features

  • 3 Year Warranty, Service and Parts Available in Stock in USA and Latin America
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Winch Description

Hydraulic Winches are essential for pulling hefty loads without the physical work. This is the performance the equipment reaches with standard rope provided. The Highest Quality, most Technologically Advanced Winches in the Industry. This winch can pull a load of 66140 lb at 2 variable speeds within different layers

Technical Specifications

  • 1st Layer Load Capacity 66139 lb / 30000 kg
  • Speed /min 49-72 ft / 15-22 m
  • Number of Speeds 2 Variable Speed
  • Motor/Engine Type Hydraulic Motor A2Fe180/6 IWYZL10
  • Oil Pressure 30 MPa
  • Oil Flow 313 L/min
  • Protection IEC 60529 IP67
  • Wire Rope NOT Included ø1 1/2 in x 328 ft | ø36 mm x 100m
  • Warranty 3 Year