Prowinch is a UL 508A / File No. E524056 Certified Industrial Control Panel (ICPs) manufacturer for United States and Canada with in-house electrical engineers and designers specialized in most types of Cranes, Winches and Hoists controllers offering Complete turnkey solutions and products with multiple optionals to meet applicable UL safety requirements. All our UL508A Control Panels are assembled and tested by Prowinch in our Certified Facility in Miami, USA.

2.2 ton Industrial Electric Winch for Hazardous Environment

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Key features

  • Motor and Control Ex Protection Class II Division 2 Group F
  • SEW Eurodrive 5.5 kw Motor and Brake
  • Explosion proof control box enclosure XCE-242410-N4 NEMA 4X
  • US ASME B30.7 - Enclosure UL50 - Motor Ex Cert CSA MC170602
  • 3 Year Warranty, Customer Support and Service in the USA
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Compact Winch Description

The Prowinch 4850 lbs compact winch is a powerful heavy-duty winch. There are a variety of optional add-ons available for a more customized experience. This winch is an excellent choice for a variety of industries such as mining, logging, and manufacturing.

Prowinch Compact Winch

All of our compact winches are created with the goal of offering the best price–performance ratio. Key components such as lifespan factors are constantly tested and improved in order to offer the best product for the price.

Key Components

All internal components have been upgraded to meet the highest quality standards. Key electronic components are produced by American or German brands, and we use American-made lubricants to ensure the lifespan of gears and reducers. Final assembly and all tests are performed locally at Prowinch facility before shipping to ensure that every unit meets the corresponding standard.

Duty Classification

Duty Classification is a key factor when choosing the right unit. This H4 heavy duty industrial winch is suitable for high-volume handling in mining, construction, forestry, manufacturing plants and mills, and foundries. For uniformly distributed work periods, the winches have 50% max. operational time per hour and can handle up to 300 starts per hour. When being used for infrequent work periods, the winch can be operated for 30 minutes from a cold start with up to 300 starts per hour. Operational time ratings are calculated at a 65% load factor, as per ASME Standard.

Control System

For this winch we offer different control options: single speed IP66 control with up , down, and emergency stop, a variable speed control with a dynamic brake and an SEW Eurodrive German Driver or Lenze USA Driver, wireless remote controls, or a PWZR series full desktop control with Touch Screen controls and indicators, overload protection, and alarms to give the operator all the necessary information for a safe operation of the winch and much more. The winch contains the best electric components available on the market and is made, assembled and tested by Prowinch locally in the US, Chile, or Colombia.

Braking System

Prowinch compact winches includes two brakes, one reducer brake and one motor brake. For additional safety we also offer an optional drum brake and dynamic brake. All brake systems are tested at 125% of the rated winch capacity and are designed to automatically engage immediately upon any loss of power.

Technical Specifications

  • Number of Speeds 1 Speed - Optional Variable Speed
  • Wire rope capacity per layer first/last 2.2 ton
  • Voltage for USA and Canada 3 Phase 440~480V 60Hz
  • USA and Canada Voltage 220~240V
  • Chile Voltage 380V
  • Colombia Voltage 220~240V
  • Duty Class H4/M5/2m/Class D
  • Motor/Engine Type SEW Eurodrove EDRN132S4/BE11HR/FF/CICIID2/TF
  • Motor/Engine Power 5.5 kw
  • Motor AMP 8.8 Amp
  • Motor RPM 1768 RPM@60HZ
  • Motor Brake 1 @125%
  • Insulation Grade F
  • IEC Motor Protection IP66
  • Dynamic Brake Optional
  • Control Telecontrol Ex Remote EF24-6S
  • Control Voltage Battery Operated 2 x 1.5v
  • Transmission / Reducer Type Planetary 2 Stages
  • Gear Ratio 127:1
  • Reducer Brake Optional
  • Drum Brake Optional
  • Wire Rope ø1/2 in x 213 ft | ø13 mm x 65 m
  • Humidity <85%
  • Temperature -4 ~ 104° F / -20 ~ 40° C
  • Noise Level 85 db
  • Standards ASME/ANSI B30.7, B30.10
  • Warranty 3 Year

Unit Weight & Dimensions

  • A Total Height 670 mm
  • D Depth 520 mm
  • W Width 1500 mm
  • BD Barrel Diameter ø178 mm
  • FD Flange Diameter ø410 mm
  • DL Drum Length 312 mm
  • Total Unit Weight 1115 lbs / 506 Kg

Packaging Weight & Dimensions

  • Package 1 Net Weight 1115 lbs / 506 Kg
  • Package 1 Gross Weight 1102 lbs / 500 Kg
  • Package 1 Length 55 in / 139.7 cm
  • Package 1 Width 28 in / 71.12 cm
  • Package 1 Height 31 in / 78.74 cm