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1 Ton Electric Wire Rope Hoist 2200 lbs. 38 ft. Wireless w/ Power Trolley 110V

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Key features

  • Features a compact and lightweight design, ideal for intermittent lifting of loads.
  • Wireless remote rated IP65, fully functional up to 100 ft. Trolley travels at a speed of 52ft/min.
  • Single line lifting capacity of 1100lb @ 33ft/min or Double line 2200lb @16ft/min.
  • Includes a quick-acting electromagnetic brake, emergency stop, safety key, and upper limit switch.
  • 1 Year Warranty, Customer Support and Service in the USA
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Electric Wire Rope Hoist with Power Trolley Description

This 1 ton Electric Wire Rope Hoist with Power Trolley uses a powerful motor to raise and lower loads up to 38 feet in the air. The single phase power supply makes it ideal home or commercial applications. The hoist is easy to use, and the convenient trolley can be mounted on an I-beam or crane to help you complete large projects with ease.

Prowinch Electric Wire Rope Hoists with Trolley

All of our electric wire rope hoists are created with the goal of offering the best price–performance ratio. Key components such as lifespan factors are constantly tested and improved in order to offer the best product for the price.

Key Components

All internal components have been upgraded to meet the highest quality standards. All testing is performed in the US before shipping to ensure that every unit meets the corresponding standard.

Duty Classification

Duty classification is a key factor when choosing the right unit. This H1 electric wire rope hoist is suitable for infrequent handling, installing and servicing heavy equipment, and idling for long periods between use. For uniformly distributed work periods, the hoist has a 12.5% max. operational time per hour and can handle up to 75 starts per hour. When being used for infrequent work periods, the hoist can be operated for 15 minutes from a cold start with up to 100 starts per hour. Operational time ratings are calculated at a 65% load factor, as per ASME Standards.

Control System

This electric wire rope hoist comes standard with an industrial wireless remote control, which is waterproof, shockproof, and can be operated from 100 feet away. It also features a safety key and emergency stop button.

Braking System

The electromagnetic brake system is tested at 125% of the hoist capacity and is designed to automatically engage immediately upon any loss of power.

Technical Specifications

  • Rated Load Capacity 2200 lb @ 2 lines | 1100 lb @ 1 line
  • Speed /min 33 ft/10m @1line | 16ft/5m @2line
  • Number of Speeds 1 Speed
  • Voltage for USA and Canada 1 Phase 110~120V 60Hz
  • FCC ID WTX20X04015023E
  • Duty Class H1/M2/1Cm/Class A
  • Motor/Engine Type Squirrel Cage Induction Motor
  • Motor/Engine Power 1450 W
  • Motor AMP 12.5 AMP
  • Motor Brake YES
  • Insulation Grade B
  • IEC Motor Protection IP40
  • Control Wireless F21 Remote Control
  • Control Voltage 110 V
  • Wire Rope ø7/32 in | ø5.58 mm
  • Humidity <85%
  • Temperature -4°~104° F / -20°~40° C
  • Noise Level 71 dB
  • Trolley Speed /min 52 ft / 16 m
  • Trolley Number of Speeds 1
  • I-Beam Width Range 3.25 in / 82 mm
  • Minimum Turn Radius 2.62 ft / .8 m
  • Standards Intertek 4006091 , UL N 1340, CAN/CSA C22.2 , EN14492-2 , EN60204-32
  • Warranty 1 Year

Unit Weight & Dimensions

  • H Minimum Headroom 21 in / 535 mm
  • D Depth 12.0 in / 305 mm
  • W Width 18.5 in / 470 mm
  • X Wheel Diameter 3 in.
  • Total Unit Weight 99 lbs / 45 Kg

Packaging Weight & Dimensions

  • Package 1 Net Weight 66 lbs / 30 Kg
  • Package 1 Gross Weight 75 lbs / 34 Kg
  • Package 1 Length 24 in / 60.96 cm
  • Package 1 Width 10 in / 25.4 cm
  • Package 1 Height 14 in / 35.56 cm
  • Package 2 Net Weight 33 lbs / 15 Kg
  • Package 2 Gross Weight 47 lbs / 21 Kg
  • Package 2 Length 15 in / 38.1 cm
  • Package 2 Width 11 in / 27.94 cm
  • Package 2 Height 9 in / 22.86 cm