Safety Bulletin

Hoists, Cranes and other Lifting and material-movement related equipment USERSmust be knowledgeable about the safe and proper use of this equipment and be aware of their responsibilities as outlined in all applicable standards and regulations.

The ASME B30 Standard contains provisions that apply to the construction, installation, operation, inspection, testing, maintenance, and use of cranes and other lifting and material-movement related equipment.

The B30 Standard is intended to:

(a) Prevent or minimize injury to workers, and otherwise provide for the protection of life, limb, and property by prescribing safety requirements.

(b) Provide direction to manufacturers, owners, employers, users, and others concerned with, or responsible for, its application.

(c) Guide governments and other regulatory bodies in the development, promulgation, and enforcement of appropriate safety directives.

The equipment covered by the B30 Standard is subject to hazards that cannot be abated by mechanical means, but only by the exercise of intelligence, care, and common sense. It is therefore essential to have personnel involved in the use and operation of equipment who are competent, careful, physically and mentally qualified, and trained in the proper operation of the equipment and the handling of loads. Serious hazards include, but are not limited to, improper or inadequate maintenance, overloading, dropping or slipping of the load, obstructing the free passage of the load, and using equipment for a purpose for which it was not intended or designed.

Failure to Read, Understand and Follow the information in the corresponding ASME B30 Standard for your Hoist and Lifting equipment may result in severe INJURY or DEATH. It is YOUR RESPONSIBILITY to consider all risk factors and follow all the equipment related ASME B30 standard, which comprises the following volumes:

B30.1  Jacks, Industrial Rollers, Air Casters, and Hydraulic Gantries
B30.2  Overhead and Gantry Cranes (Top Running Bridge, Single or Multiple Girder, Top Running Trolley Hoist)
B30.3  Tower Cranes
B30.4  Portal and Pedestal Cranes
B30.5  Mobile and Locomotive Cranes
B30.6  Derricks
B30.7  Winches
B30.8  Floating Cranes and Floating Derricks
B30.9  Slings
B30.10  Hooks
B30.11  Monorails and Underhung Cranes
B30.12  Handling Loads Suspended From Rotorcraft
B30.13  Storage/Retrieval (S/R) Machines and Associated Equipment
B30.14  Side Boom Tractors
B30.15  Mobile Hydraulic Cranes
B30.16  Overhead Hoists (Underhung)
B30.17  Overhead and Gantry Cranes (Top Running Bridge, Single Girder, Underhung Hoist)
B30.18  Stacker Cranes (Top or Under Running Bridge, Multiple Girder With Top or Under Running Trolley Hoist)
B30.19  Cableways
B30.20  Below-the-Hook Lifting Devices
B30.21  Lever Hoists
B30.22  Articulating Boom Cranes
B30.23  Personnel Lifting Systems
B30.24  Container Cranes
B30.25  Scrap and Material Handlers
B30.26  Rigging Hardware
B30.27  Material Placement Systems
B30.28  Balance Lifting Units
B30.29  Self-Erecting Tower Cranes
B30.30  Ropes.