1 Ton Electric Chain Hoist

1 Ton Electric Chain Hoist

1 Ton Electric Chain Hoist will lift up to 20 ft. in the air. The automatic electromagnetic brake system will allow easy handling of the load in any position. A heavy duty G100 Load Chain will withstand any hard labor as long as is properly lubricated and cleaned. A self-adjusting braking pad system will ensure a constant air gap.

Chain Hoist Cooling System

The cooling fan of this Electric Chain Hoist is specifically designed to achieve a quick heat dissipation, with rates of up to 40% of continuous labor. The highly resistant cast aluminum alloy body of this unit features an IP55 Water Resistant Rate, making it ideal for hostile conditions.

Chain Hoist Brake System

Electromagnetic brake system designed to automatically engage on any power cut-off.

Load Chain

G100 Load Chain can be safely used on any environmental condition, such as rain, sea water or chemicals.

1 Ton Chain Hoist Additional Features

Additionally to the features this unit already has, you can add a Wireless Control System, a Manual Push Trolley or simply get the upgraded version of this unit featuring a motorized electric trolley.


Safety is the most critical factor in any industrial operation, whether you are lifting and engine block or raising a bridge, safety always comes first. That’s why our Chain Hoists are load tested at 125% of its rated capacity and feature a slip clutch overload safety device with the overload threshold set at 110% the total capacity. The upper and lower limit switches also keep you and your load completely safe and protect the unit by preventing over-travel of the load. All Prowinch Chain Hoist comes with a User’s Manual where you can find useful maintenance and safety information created specifically for your equipment.

This 1 Ton Electric Chain Hoist is powerful, safe, flexible and reliable whenever you need it. 3-Year Warranty on all parts and components.

1 Ton Electric Chain Hoist
1 Ton Electric Chain Hoist
1 Ton Electric Chain Hoist
1 Ton Electric Chain Hoist

You can also visit our family of Electric Chain Hoists which comes at 3 Phase single an double speed. Our Heavy-Duty Electric Chain Hoists are built to last. Every part on this hoist was designed to meet your expectations, from our specially engineered ergonomic pendant control grip to our rough design. Prowinch Electric Chain Hoists are designed to keep your facility up and running at its best.

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